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4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Brake Rotors

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As you should already know, your car's brakes are a vital part. The brakes are made up of several different smaller parts, including the rotors. Look inside your wheels and you'll notice a silver disk – those are rotors, and it's their job to press against the brake pads and create the friction that causes your vehicle to slow down.

Like many other car parts, your brake rotors will eventually need to be replaced with a spare part when all that friction starts to wear them down. When that starts to happen, you should visit your local service centre without delay.

Here are just four signs you need to have your brake rotors replaced.

1. Lip Along the Edge

If you suspect there's something wrong with your brake rotors, you can feel along their edges to check for wear. Park the vehicle with the wheels facing as far left or right as possible to make the rotors easier to reach, then slip your hand in and feel slowly along the outside edge of each one. If you notice a significant lip around the edge of the rotor, it's starting to become too thin. While this doesn't always mean a replacement is immediately necessary, it does indicate your rotors are getting toward the end of their effective service life.

2. Shaking During Hard Braking

A little bit of vibration from the steering wheel is natural enough during hard braking. However, if you feel much more shaking than you used to, it probably means your brake rotors have become warped. Over time, all the heating and cooling that comes with braking can cause them to lose their shape. The contours that develop as a result of that warping create a shuddering or pulsing feeling when the brakes are applied.

3. Screeching Sound During Braking

Screeching can indicate that one of many brake parts are worn, including the rotors. Again, this is due to warping. In the same way that the grooves on records produce sound when a needle runs over them, the contours on a warped rotor will also create sounds, although these ones will be far less pleasant.

4. Increased Braking Distances

Your brakes are responsible for keeping you and your passengers safe, so the wearing down of any part is going to mean you're less in control of the vehicle. If your brake rotors become worn and warped enough, you'll start to notice that it takes much longer to slow down your vehicle than it used to. At this point, you really need to get those rotors replaced.

If you've noticed these signs, it's time to replace your rotors. Check out a shop that offers various brands, such as Lexus spared parts or Toyota spared parts.