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What Causes The Power Steering To Stop Working?

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Have you ever driven a vehicle without power steering? If you have, then you understand how a power steering system is critical for modern driving. With the system, you do not need to use a lot of energy to control your car. But if you do not take proper care and maintenance of the power steering system, it is bound to fail. Though you can ignore minor power steering issues, serious problems can be dangerous. Various elements could cause issues with the power steering. Take time to learn the common causes of power steering issues and how to deal with them. 

Fluid Contamination

Power steering is a hydraulic system. That means it requires a fluid force for it to create motion. With such units, a little energy input helps create high force levels. Thus, they are useful in controlling your auto. But the effectiveness of such systems is affected by contaminated hydraulic fluid. Contaminants in the liquid may end up blocking the steering system. Contaminated fluid can also increase friction and even cause some elements to fail. Thus, follow the manufacturer's instructions for changing the fluid. 

Serpentine Belt Snapping

Many cars use a belt to drive the power steering pumps. These belts are connected to the engine's crankshaft. Worn-out belts decrease the fluid pressure exerted by the power steering pump. Thus, you will need to put in more pressure to steer your vehicle. Once the serpentine belts snap, you may experience immediate power steering loss. That is because the engine will no longer drive the power steering pump. Thus, it is critical to get the belt checked every time you take your car for servicing.

Steering Pump Damage

The steering pump is the central part of your steering system. The car uses these pumps every time you drive it. Thus, the steering pump will wear out with time. Sometimes the pumps can experience premature failure when you put too much pressure on them. For instance, you should avoid turning the steering wheel entirely in one direction. A broken pump can lead to a gradual reduction in the fluid pressure. Once you start hearing a noise when turning the steering wheel, get an expert to check the pump. 


Once the power steering fails, then it will be challenging to turn your motor. Sometimes the failure of the power steering can be gradual, and sometimes, it happens spontaneously. Regular maintenance of the power steering system will prevent total failure. Also, practice safe and predictable driving techniques. That will ensure you do not put sudden pressure on the power steering unit. Reach out to a company like Hydrosteer Pty Ltd to learn more about power steering.